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16 April
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Black Zodiac

1. Torn Prince

Name: Johnny/Jack B. Goode
Gender: Male
M.O.: Torture, Evisceration
Status: Institutionalized

2. First Born Son

Name: Seth Sommers
Gender: Male
Primary M.O.: Blunt force trauma, Live burial
Secondary M. O.: Fall from elevation, Asphyxia (smothering)
Status: Deceased

3. Withered Lover

Name: Amon Autruch
Gender: Male
M.O.: Vivisection
Status: Institutionalized

Disclaimer: I do not own the concept of the Black Zodiac. It belongs to Steve Beck, who directed 13 Ghosts (2001), as well as Robb White and Neal Marshall Stevens, who wrote it, and possibly even Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. I do, however, own everything else, including all the characters depicted here, the various ingenious methods they use to take a life, and all the locations these terrible deeds take place in.